Tips for Hosting an Ice Cream Social with Lexylicious

Planning your Ice Cream Social

Are you looking to plan a fun ice cream social event? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Hosting an ice cream social can be a great way to get together with friends, family or colleagues to enjoy delicious treats while socializing. So let’s begin planning an ice cream social with Lexylicious.

First, determine the location for your event. Choose a place that’s easily accessible and has enough room to accommodate your guests. If you’re hosting the event indoors, make sure the space is well ventilated and air-conditioned to keep everyone comfortable. Outdoor spaces like parks, backyards or rooftop decks are also great options for hosting an ice cream social.

Tips for Hosting an Ice Cream Social with Lexylicious 2

Next, decide on a date and time that works for everyone. Send out invitations in advance to ensure that your guests can plan accordingly. If you’re hosting a corporate event, send out an email invitation from management to employees via the office announcement email.

Now let’s focus on the setup of your ice cream social. Arrange tables, chairs, and benches in a way that allows your guests to sit comfortably and socialize with each other. Keep the ice cream close to the toppings and make sure they’re within arms reach. Include spoons, bowls, napkins, and wet wipes that guests may use to clean up spills, especially children.

Ice Cream and Toppings

No ice cream party is complete without ice cream and, yes, Lexylicious has everything you need. Research and decide on a few ice cream flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate, as well as non-dairy and sorbet options. If you are looking for some recommendations, try their strawberry, brownie caramel, or chocolate fudge brownie flavors. Don’t forget to also include toppings such as nuts, candy, sprinkles, hot fudge, caramel sauce, and whipped creamin your ice cream social.

This is also a great opportunity to let your guests bring their own ice cream toppings. Request that they identify what they are bringing on their invitations so you can prepare a spreadsheet of options for your guests. This can also help mix-up your traditional toppings and introduce new ones to your guests.

Entertainment Ideas

No matter the age range, it’s always fun to have an activity or two at your ice cream social. Create a game of sorts with activities that allow guests to interact and enjoy themselves while indulging in delicious ice cream. Consider turning ice cream eating into a game by setting up ice cream cone eating contests. You could also have a blind ice cream taste test where guests have to guess the flavor of each scooped ice cream. For the children, it’s always fun to include some ice cream-themed coloring sheets or ice cream bingo.

Clean Up and Take Home Gifts

Ensure you have enough garbage cans and recycling bins close by for easy waste disposal. You may also want set up a cleaning station for your guests to freshen up between scoops. This can include a sink with soap to wash sticky hands and wet wipes to clean up spills. Keep materials for cleaning near the party’s exit to make it easy for guests to do it themselves.

Finally, consider sending your guests home with a small ice cream party favor that they can enjoy later. These could include a mini ice cream scoop, personalized ice cream bowls, or some of your favorite toppings to enjoy at home. After all, who could ever say no to more ice cream? Our dedication is to offer a fulfilling educational experience. That’s why we suggest this external website with extra and relevant information about the subject. ice cream truck new jersey, explore and expand your knowledge!

In Conclusion

Planning an ice cream social with Lexylicious can be a fun experience that everyone will enjoy. Stick to the guide we have provided and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures. You will end up hosting an unforgettable event that will keep your guests talking for weeks afterward. There is no better way to bond with friends than over a scoop of ice cream!

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